This website contains my personal portfolio and journal. I am a photography enthousiast in it's widest spectrum. Even though the digital age has penetrated every aspect of my life I still feel a great attraction to analogue film. I suppose it has to do with its relative simplicity and the lack of complex menus. If you want to use any of my photo's then please contact me for more details.

In my daily life I work as a Service Delivery Manager and am a father of three. My first contact with photography came at the age of 10 (ca. 1985). My primary school had an extracurricular course in photography and film development. Of course we didn't have digital camera's back then and even SLRs and TLRs were quite expensive.

For the course I got an old disused AGFA Isoly which takes 120 film and shoots 4x4 images. I later got a second hand Olympus OM-10 and a 50mm f/1.8. One highlight was when I was asked to do a photo report for the university newspaper on a local law student. He was one of many who travelled to Prague, Czech Republic, to protest against the IMF and WorldBank. This trip was probably the cradle of the journalism and voyeurism style I favour most.

I use both analogue and digital cameras. My choice is depending on the mood I am in and whether I feel like being bothered with processing film. My recent addition is an mirrorless Sony a7R. I find this camera absolutely stunning in terms of handling and image quality. And it is so much more portable than my bulky dSLR.

  • Sony a7R
  • Olympus E-30
  • AGFA Isoly IIa, Color-Agnar 55mm f/5,6 - shoots 4x4 on 120 film
  • Olympus OM-10
  • lenses:
    • Zuiko OM 50mm f/1.8
    • Zuiko OM 35-70mm f/3.5
    • Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8
    • Vivitar 75-205mm f/3.8
    • ZUIKO ED 12-60mm f/2.8 SWD
    • ZUIKO ED 50-200mm f/2.8 SWD
  • Olympus FL-36R flash

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